Trout Fishing Tips For Beginners

Trout fishing is an enjoyable activity. Experienced anglers know ways of catching more trout. Let us discuss some such tips on how to net more trout. The trout may be Rainbow Trout, Brown, Cutthroat, Brook, or Bull Trout.

There are some methods by the usage of which it becomes easier to catch more trout. This applies irrespective of the size, color and temperament of the trout. Below, find some trout fishing tips and tricks to help increase the number of trout you catch.

trout fishing tips

Trout Fishing Tip #1

Keep in mind what size of fishing gear you buy and use. Ultra light and light are the best types of trout fishing gear. Heavier gear is only necessary if you are catching the monster Brown Trout that visit the great lakes. A five-foot ultra light rod is what I prefer. Ultra light reel spooled with four are what many anglers find convenient, one can try spinning reel for example. You can net very large trout on such a setup. A good size for hooks using live bait is a size 10. The next fishing gear to consider is the lure. It is a good idea to use small lures as well. Experienced anglers generally do not trout fish with spoons and spinners that are larger than a quarter ounce.

When going trout fishing, do not use minnow type plugs that are longer than 4 inches. The first of the trout fishing tips is to use light fishing gear

Trout Fishing Tip #2

Keep in mind the color of your clothing. When fishing for trout, and wading in water for this purpose your clothing’s color matters. Bright colors or plain white stand out. Bright colors repel the fish. This means that it is a good idea to wear dull or drab colored clothing to blend in with the surroundings. It is as simple as wearing dull brown. The second of the trout fishing tips is to wear dull colored clothing.

Trout Fishing Tip #3

Keep in mind the smell of your hands. Sometimes anglers smoke and then fish. This is a bad idea. The smell of the cigarette transfers to everything you touch until your fishing gear smells like an ashtray. The trout generally sniff out the bait before going in for a bite. If you have touched it, chances are it will smell of your cigarette. This is a big repellent for trout. A good idea is to rub weed or mud on your hands to remove the smell from them. The third of the trout fishing tips is to keep away from unnatural smells.

Trout Fishing Tip #4

Keep in mind the presentation of bait. As a fish, trout are extremely intelligent. To lure them the bait should be presented in as natural a manner as possible. One good idea is to use gang hooks to present the bait as a tasty tidbit to the trout.

Presentation is as important as anything in a river or stream while angling for trout. The fourth of the trout fishing tips is to present your bait naturally.


By following these tips, the number of bites that you get can increase dramatically. Setting the hook and fighting the trout after a bite are in the angler’s hands. Use these tips to get an increased number of bites. This is what every angler wants, isn’t it?